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   Asta Construction was originally founded in 1943 by Manuel Asta and Roland Lauritzen. The Company began its operations in markets similar to its current markets; general engineering construction, sale of rock, sand, gravel, ready mix concrete, and other building materials used in the construction and gas field industry.


   . In 1967 Asta was purchased by Claude C. Wood Construction.


   . In 1980 Claude C. Wood was purchased by the Al Johnson Construction Company located in Minneapolis, Minnesota.


   . In 1995 Asta was purchased by Boyd McMillan and Walt Koenig from the Al Johnson Construction Company.


   . In 2008 Boyd McMillan retired and ownership was assumed by Walt Koenig (father) and Chris Koenig (son), the current owners.


   Since it's inception, Asta Construction has been involved in heavy construction projects including levee repair, general excavation, underground utilities, grading, paving, pile driving, aggregate sales, railroad construction and maintenance.


   Asta services the local gas well industry by transporting gas well waste water from well sites for disposal at injection wells. These operations are performed by Asta's wholly-owned subsidiary, Aqua Poso, Inc. a California Corporation incorporated in 1986. Asta also builds gas well locations and access roads for the gas field industry in Northern California.


   Asta Construction is one of the industry leaders in the use of Resin Modified Pavement (RMP). RMP is a composite pavement surfacing that uses a unique combination of asphalt concrete and Portland cement concrete materials in the same layer. RMP was introduced to the United States by researchers at the U.S. Army Engineer Waterways Expirement Station in 1987 hoping to develop a cost effective and easily-constructed alternative to Portland cement concrete. Asta has completed more than ten million square feet of resin modified pavement, more than any other contractor in the United States.

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